RESEARCH GUIDE: This contains information related to the bulk of the collection held by Manuscripts, Archives and Rare Books Library(MARBL) as well as additional information provided with the aim of furthering scholarship.

The Collection




Manuscripts, Archives and Rare Books Library: The French Revolution Pamphlet Collection

The publication dates of the pamphlets range from 1776-1817, although the bulk dates from 1789-1795. The collection consists of some 3000 official reports, speeches, letters, documents, laws, and literary publications, cataloged in three main series as detailed below.

French Revolution Pamphlets I.
Euclid Record:DC 137.08 A2
Please see the digital version of Walter Robert Brown's Bibliography of these pamphlets.
377 pamphlets in 11 vols., mainly speeches relating to the trial of Louis XVI before the French National Convention, Paris, 1792-1793. [Card catalogue "tracing tray" lists them by vol. #, legislative # and contains only the authors' last names. Vols. VII-XII lack legis. #s, and catalogue doesn't list vols. XII and XIII. These two latter are listed in Robert Brown's biblio (DC137.08.B7 in SpecColl. and see link above). Brown lists the collection by legis. #, and includes the authors' last names as well as their departement.]

French Revolution Pamphlets II.
Euclid Record: DC141 Al nos. 1-891
891 pamphlets containing a varied collection of addresses, letters, and essays by political, religious, and literary figures, arranged alphabetically by author or originating agency.

French Revolution Pamphlets III.
Euclid Record: DC141 All v. 1-119
1,710 pamphlets, bound in 119 volumes, are organized as follows:
--Speeches and miscellaneous political pamphlets (905 pamphlets in 69 vols., v. 1-69)
--Reports of the Assemblée Nationale (333 pamphlets in 17 vols., v. 70-86)
--Reports of the Convention Nationale (129 pamphlets in 11 vols., v. 87-97)
--Reports of the Corps Legislatif (20 pamphlets in 1 vol., v. 98)
--Reports of the Directoire Executif (17 pamphlets in 1 vol., v. 99)
--Laws, Statutes, etc. (22 pamphlets in 2 vols., v. 100-101)
--Administrative Reports (23 pamphlets in 1 vol., v. 102)
--Municipal pamphlets, Aix - Ville (100 pamphlets in 4 vols., v. 103-106)
--Provincial pamphlets, Allobroges - Touraine (41 pamphlets in 2 vols., v. 107-108)
--Literary and Satirical Publications (89 pamphlets in 7 vols., v. 109-115)
--Miscellaneous (34 pamphlets in 4 vols., v. 116-119)

As of June 2002, Euclid only contains these three entries for the entire collection. More detailed access is provided by an analytical card catalogue and a chronological card catalogue, both in Manuscripts, Archives and Rare Books Library.


The library purchased the collection in 1949. In January, 1949, one batch of 1500 was purchased from England. 391 duplicates were sold to the Univ. of Alabama. (1) 892 were catalogued as a group, 30 were catalogued individually. After January two more batches were purchased: a group of 300 titles and a group of 2,000+ (of this latter group, were some 500 duplicates???). (2) It appears, judging from a bindery receipt found in volume 112, that the volumes were bound in Atlanta by the National Library Bindery Co. (2395 Peachtree Rd.).

1)They have catalogued some, if not all, of their collection on OCLC.
2)Emory Univ. Library Reports, (Manuscripts, Archives and Rare Books Library) 1947-50, p. 114-15; XE302.A1

The French National Library's digital site (Gallica) contains, besides a wealth of other material, a substantial number of pamphlets available in pdf format.
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